Dazzler Roller Dance offers safe and fun roller skate dance classes, at a beginning or intermediate level, in the greater Los Angeles area. This type of roller dance is often referred to as Rhythm Skating or Jam skating. Group classes can also be arranged outside of LA – both nationally and internationally. Dazzler Roller Dance is primarily focused on adult skaters, but happy to teach all ages.

Coach Daz’s passion for roller skating was reignited in 2015, when she bought her first pair of quad skates as an adult. She quickly adapted her corporate skills as a career coach and adult learning professional to her new passion, launching Dazzler Roller Dance in April 2019. Having spent the last several years learning from some of the best teachers in the world, she feels honored to have new skaters put their trust in Dazzler Roller Dance as they grow their confidence and find their flow on 8 wheels.

Coach Daz is a Skate IA Level 1 Instructor and Safe Sport certified. Dazzler Roller Dance specializes in developing skater confidence on wheels by teaching rhythm and roller dance fundamentals. Coach Daz works with you to understand your goals on skates and helps you to get there safely, while having a lot of fun (and a great workout!).

Roller skating, and specifically roller dance, is joy personified. Dazzler Roller Dance is excited to give you the opportunity to feel that same freedom and find your own happy place on wheels.