Find your rhythm

Private Lessons

Maybe you just got your skates and want to learn the basics (BREW) along with stopping, starting, falling and turning? Maybe you’ve had skates for a bit but want to focus on your technique? Maybe you have a specific beginner dance move you’ve been dying to learn? Treat yourself to an hour or more of dedicated focus on your wheels.

Single Session Pricing:
  • $45 for thirty minutes
  • $70 for one hour
Special Package Pricing:
  • $185 for three hours (must be used within one month of purchase)
  • $300 for five hours (must be used within three months of purchase)
  • $550 for ten hours (must be used within six months of purchase)
Group Classes

With a minimum of 4 people per class, you’ll learn a new vocabulary of dance moves together. As you develop, you’ll begin calling steps, improvising routines and getting synchronized. Classes are sold as a series so you can continue to build on skills from one session to the next.

Pricing for group classes vary based on class size, location and content.

Derby League Workshops

All cross training on skates improves your agility for derby. Dazzler will come to your league event or team practice to provide a workshop that breaks down roller dance moves in derby language. Have fun together while improving your edge work, pull-unders and more! Recommended for Junior Derby, too! Travel and expenses may apply.

Skate IA Instructor Certified

Dazzler Roller Dance was Level 1 certified by the Skate Instructors Association in 2019. That means our classes are insured and uphold specific safety standards. We ask everyone complete the provided waiver and wear proper safety gear when participating.

Learn more about Skate IA

LA Roller Skating Lessons Instructor

A proud member of the LA Roller Skating Lessons family, Dazzler has been working with Coach JC, Coach Pita and Coach Maria since 2021. If you are looking for different styles and even inline roller lessons, go to LA Roller Skating Lessons to learn more!