Who is Dazzler?

Find Your Happy Place

My name is Dazzler (aka Noelle). In 2015, I had a milestone birthday that had me asking myself, “What would bring me the feeling of innocent joy that I used to have as a kid?”. The answer that came to me? Roller Skating.

The answer surprised me because I had not spent a lot of time on skates as a kid. In fact, my some of my most severe injuries were on skates between the ages of 9-12 years old. I had not been in a pair of skates since the I was 14.

But trusting that inner voice, I decided to go to a local rink one night. I bought myself a pair of skates online and started my journey. The first night, I fell and scraped and bruised my knee, but there was something about that feeling that was so special… I went back. After a chat with the pro-desk, they set me up with a set of new wheels and bearings. I started skating almost every night. I would sing at the top of my lungs and skate as fast as I could… and it was exhilarating.

I became a ‘regular’ and made friends at the rink. I learned some dance moves in the middle. Then I found Roller Derby. I spent 2 years with the Los Angeles Derby Dolls, where they taught me strategy, discipline and skating skills. I got my skate name, Disco Dazzler. I joined Fresh Meat and got a Derby Wife. However, I realized (after several injuries) that my love of skating was not about the game, it was about the feeling I get on wheels. Wheels are my wings.

I think I am built more like a badass derby girl, than a delicate dancer, but I never let that hold me back. I love the way music moves me. I am proof it doesn’t matter what you look like or how you’re shaped if you love what you’re doing. Dance welcomes all types!

I have traveled all over the world taking classes from some of the best roller dance teachers in the UK, Spain, France, Netherlands, Dubai and the US. I have skated at National Skate Parties, Central Park, Venice Beach, Golden Gate Park, and at every rink I can find.

Teaching adults has been my corporate career for the last 15 years, so it only makes sense that I would begin teaching roller dance. I have taken the skills I’ve learned and taught everyone from derby girls (juniors and adults) to random people who stop me on the beach.

I became Level 1 Skate IA certified in Aug 2019. I am qualified to teach any beginner, taking them from the first time they put on quads to their first dance steps on wheels.

Roller skating, and specifically roller dance, is joy personified. I am excited that you may give me the chance to help you feel that same freedom and find your own happy place on wheels.

Let’s Dance!